Providing Comprehensive Business and Technology SharePoint Security Consulting Services and Bundled Software

Welcome to ARB Security Solutions. We are the only SharePoint organization that specializes strictly in security-centric SharePoint deployments, development, and maintenance. What separates us from competitors is our inherent knowledge of advanced SharePoint security routines which we bring to every engagement that we are involved with. One of the most overlooked aspects of a SharePoint deployment is the several layers of security of the environment. Although becoming a greater concern due to the exponential increase in permiter deployments, protecting a implementation from attackers and properly implementing Business Continuity Planning should be something which every organization should consider.

This is what we bring to the table. Not only are we SharePoint experts in typical fields relating to planning, implementation, customization, and development, but we emphasize through each of these steps the security and reliability of the application in order to guarantee your organization the most optimal uptime.

Some people refer to it as seeing “the big picture.” Others talk of the ability to identify opportunities, to discover new directions, to redefine SharePoint boundaries. However it is described, it all comes down to vision, and specific, practical plans to bring a vision into reality. At ARB Security Solutions, we help customers create a clear picture of the SharePoint intention and define their strategic direction.

In times of uncertainty and volatile change, a clear corporate vision of your SharePoint rollouts is even more important. Strategy and tactics need to be flexible so they can change with swings, but the vision must be steadfast and unswerving.

The people of our SharePoint security practice work side by side with all levers of your organization to clarify issues, refine ideas, and give them shape. Our strength comes from the ability to understand things from a broader perspective to look at organizational culture and trends, at competition and customers, at the organization in general in itself and then use what we learn to ensure that the future direction can be successfully implemented.

The result of this process is a plan and approach that can help ensure that the company’s SharePoint strategy can be turned into actions and accountabilities.
We help clients define strategic collobration priorities, allocate communications resources and define their SharePoint implementation. Our service offering includes comprehensive analysis and recommendations on SharePoint security structure, gathering customer and consumer requirements, industry competitor strategies, threats and implications, technology positioning, and maintaining regulatory requirements, all within a default rollout of SharePoint.

Successful SharePoint execution demands a clear implementation plan supported by executive leadership. The client team develops short- and medium-term strategic initiatives and a supporting program structure, including specific project definition, resource allocation, project timelines and performance measures.
The forces at work in today’s world present businesses with extraordinary opportunities to transform their operations around a SharePoint environment, securley, and effectivly. By leveraging the influence of globalization and technological innovation, they have the potential to gain unprecedented performance from each link in the value chain.  No one is better positioned to help companies realize this potential than ARB Security Solutions.

We have long been known as the industry’s leading experts in SharePoint Security deployment and operations as people who not only help clients develop SharePoint operational strategy, but also see it through every phase of implementation.  We were among the first to recognize how operations could be fundamentally improved by the advent of SharePoint development and technology and to exploit its power on a large scale.  As a result, we offer the ability to help organizations achieve new levels of productivity from their core assets, their business processes and their strategic relationships.
Critical to the SharePoint agenda is an operations strategy that matches the overall business strategy for the organization.

ARB Security Solutions SharePoint practice works to help clients move forward with confidence and vision, and as a result, gain distinct and durable competitive advantage.