Areas Of Study

Providing security for collaboration systems, more specifically SharePoint, has emerged as one of the most critical technological challenges for governments and security sensitive industries. The rapid development of SharePoint technologies and society’s increasing reliance on these systems, coupled with the threat of malicious attacks, have increased the demand for study to harness appropriate knowledge and skills in the area of SharePoint information assurance. Thus, ARB areas of study are vast, incorporating both theory and practical knowledge to develop secure and highly assured information systems and networks.

While our primary area of study is focused on platform and software level security targeting SharePoint, there are several other subjects that are studied at ARB:

  • Multi-Level Classified Collaborative Environments
  • Agnostic Authentication Factories
  • Microsoft Sister Server Security Platform Integration
  • Monitoring Tool Development
  • Efficient encryption system and network reliability
  • Autonomic security
  • Reactive security systems
  • Automated patching
  • Host-based intrusion prevention
  • Applications of peer-to-peer networks
  • Security and availability policy
  • Network intrusion detection and anomaly analysis

If you would like more information regarding more information about what we study, please feel free to contact us or learn more at the SharePoint Security Labs.