I really hate Snap!

I really, really hate Snap! Please for all that is great and holy stop using it on your sites.

I don’t understand where people get off thinking that Snap! is actually useful. Wee-hoo! I can see a 2 inch preview with absolutly no readable text on it when I hover over a link. Minus the fact that when I am reading something I HATE that these stupid windows keep peeping up obscuring what I am interested in, if I am hovering over a link, I usually have the intention of clicking on it. I really don’t care about whether it is your n most popular outgoing link, and I really could give a shit what the frontpage matter looks like, I can’t even read or make out what is really on it from the little preview.

Although I understand that the prositution of Ajax is a lucrative option, seriously, if you want to give your readers more usability for your site, use a script that detects whether links that you have posted are deadlinks or not. That is really the only benefit I see of Snap!, I can catch 404’s before I click on a link to save the valuable two seconds of my life it takes to hit back in the browser.

I think everyone should boycott Snap!, snazzy, useless modules on technical blogs is nothing but a bother. Have more respect for people that find your content interesting enough to navigate to your site in the first place.


I get to go to TechEd!

I finally get to go to TechEd this year. I usually couldn’t go for one reason or another, money or job, but this year I was selected as a Microsoft Technical Expert in the Office System Track area of the Technical Learning Center (TLC). From what I understand, I help people understand things about the Office system, hopefully around the security of them since it is my speciality! My role is for 20 or more hours during the TechEd Conference, people who know me are aware that I normally translate 20 hours and workd 40.

I usually enjoy this kind of interaction, so I am excited to jump into it and actually experience what TechEd is like!


Cleaning Up sharepointsecurity.com

I am going through and cleaning up the main website, I have this problem of half writing articles, and just leaving them within the nuke content module and just moving onto something else when I get bored. As well, I have some formatting stuff on some of the articles that was pretty poor, it doesn’t parse right due to the mod_rewrite / .htaccess configuration on the server.

I also FINALLY finished the parsing code for the RSS 2.0 feed for the main site, which for some reason was terrible tradgedy to actually get going.

I was just fetching the rows:


$result = $db->sql_query(“SELECT text, pid, title, date FROM ‘.$user_prefix.’_pages WHERE active=1 ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT ‘.$rssFeedLimit”);

while ($row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result)) {
$rsid = intval($row[‘pid’]);
$title = $row[‘title’];
$text = $row[‘text’];
$time = $row[‘date’];


and then echoing out the results:


echo “\n”;
echo “\n”;
echo ” [blah]\n”;
echo “”.$text.”>\n”;
echo “”.$rsid.”@”.$nukeurl.”\n”;
echo “”.$title.”\n”;
echo “”.$date.”\n”;
echo “Posted by “.$adminmail.”\n”;
echo “\n\n”;[/php]and it wasen’t working. Why? I had screwed up setting some of the strings. Either way I got it done, and the RSS links are now available in the upper left hand corner of the main site as well as on this site to the right.