Installing The SecurityAssurance WebPart

Installing the ARB SecurityAssurance WebPart follows a traditional WSP deployment stradegy. In your SharePoint Site Security Evaluation guide, you should have recieved a URL to a zip file in a directory with a unique ID, the compressed file should have the name Extract the contents of this directory to a location of your preference on the SharePoint server.

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 Once extracted, you will see two files. Installwsp is a bat file that will call the appropriate STSADM commands to deploy the securityassurance.wsp. Double-click the installwsp file.

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This will add the solution to the SharePoint Solution Store, but will not deploy the file. In Solution Management, select the securityassurance.wsp.

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On the solution management page, select Deploy Solution and deploy the securityassurance Feature and WebPart to the appropriate web applications.

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Navigate to the site collection you want to use the WebPart on. Open the Site collection features.

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Find the ARB Security Assurance WebPart Feature and Activate it.

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Once activated, the WebPart will populate to the gallery and added to a page in traditional format. You will find the WebPart in the ARB Security Solutions grouping.

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Once added, there is no configuration since each WebPart is rebuilt with a specific company key to ensure integrity and no conflicts occur. The chrome will remove itself naturally as well once out of Edit Mode.

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