Rights Management Consulting Services

Many different types of organizations implementing SharePoint, including general companies, large corporations, government agencies, and others, have been adopting with the intentions of use as a content management system to facilitate content organization and create content-based material for both internal people, such as employees, and external people, such as partners. Leveraging SharePoint as the control center for intact content lifecycles, including creation, management, production, and distribution is a powerful strategy, though the increasing complexities and interdependencies of these processes result in SharePoint deployments falling short of their ideal responsibilities.

One of the most important elements of complexity in content processes is content rights. The processes of tracking rights, controlling, and managing access to content based on rights information are increasingly necessary nowadays due to various business imperatives. Adding persistent protection to content is the most effective way to control and track access. Using SharePoint as a content-handling system, ARB Security Solutions provides Rights Management consulting to integrate persistent content protection through standards-based persistent protection technologies by including rights and licensing information. The result is integrated content-handling systems that meet customers’ current and future needs.

ARB Security Solutions can provide your organization with information protection technology to facilitate defending your SharePoint-based business information from online and offline illicit use. We can help enhance your SharePoint content security strategy by defending data through inherently integrated security policies, which persist with content served out of SharePoint even if taken offline.

Learn how ARB Security Solutions can help prevent sensitive information stored in SharePoint being kept where you want it, in the hands of the users that need it, by receiving a free, no obligation quote by filling out the form below.

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