SharePoint Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Today, organizations are looking to implement adaptive, progressive Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for systematizing SharePoint environments for prospective disasters. A considerable, continuous intermission of SharePoint operations and integrated communication channels will cause an unfavorable effect upon organizational business operations. BCP addresses preserving the practicability of the business enterprise throughout an emergency. It is a holistic, beneficial means of arranging a response to a SharePoint disaster.

Many organizations that implement SharePoint consider business continuity and emergency plans as a single concept with transposable names. While business continuity is separate than disaster recovery, they do share an inherent relationship. An inclusive organizational SharePoint disaster management plan is composed of several elements harmonized to realize the anticipated successful result. The undertaking for particular segments is dissimilar and the disposition of planning and validating each segment is distinctive. The bewilderment is understandable as individual segments of the plan can be executed autonomously throughout an event, leaving the imprint they are one uninterrupted process rather than corresponding processes linked together to realize a single objective.

The ARB Security Solutions BCP and DR offerings address the welfare of the SharePoint environment throughout the emergency and recovery process. It focuses on what is required to protect the business during the event and ensure that the health of the SharePoint environment is restored to an acceptable state within a reasonable timeframe. We address segments of your SharePoint implementation that are vital and must remain operational.

ARB Security Solutions offer entire emergency management plan development and implementation, including emergency preparedness, response strategy, damage control and business continuity planning. We aid in building an inclusive emergency management planning process supporting your SharePoint implementation and help lead your BCP management team through simulated events impacting your SharePoint implementation for practical knowledge transfer.

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