SharePoint Case Study: Advertising Industry SharePoint Identity Federation and Customization

Advertising Industry SharePoint Identity Federation and Customization
One of the nation’s largest media and marketing trade associations had a large collaboration problem with its partners, principally around sharing security information while integrating self-regulatory principles to protect consumer privacy as well as sharing organizational-tailored tooling with other enterprises. This had lead to end users being frustrated by the lack of collaboration between advertising and marketing-services firms, all the while the distinctions between advertising and marketing becoming more blurred as new forms of communication combine the ROI-characteristics of direct marketing with the brand characteristics of traditional advertising.

There were five main drivers for this particular SharePoint implementation:

  • Must Be Creative – Providing inherent tooling with supporting content to drive media-centric development to more technological specific activities such as cross-platform innovation. In order to make this particular requirement a success, the organization was given broad participation in the creative process.
  • Building Intuitive Insights Aggregating all the organizations disparate data to greater insights through intuitive SharePoint dashboards displaying relevant indicators to the write users. These insights were made to be seamless and granular, leveraging tools such as integrated campaign dashboards to enable decision making.
  • Collaboration – Allowing cross agency collaboration through both proprietary models to completely open collaboration. This allowed a new set of partnerships across the evolving ecosystem to exploit opportunities, enable scale benefits and deliver efficiencies.
  • Workflow – Enabling both manual and analog to automated and digital processes. Integrate custom SharePoint tooling to deliver end-to-end processes, from automated micro-versioning to digital inventory optimization.
  • Provide Shared Security – Permitting partners to seamlessly login by using a federation technology to use their current LDAP source for account information through a trust.

In order to solve these particular requirements, ARB Security Solutions firstly provided a new SharePoint 2010 implementation with two NLB converged SharePoint Web Front Ends with a backend database cluster. Since the environment was going to “out-federated” (part of the authentication design being deployed within one or another organization’s DMZ), Active Directory Federation Services V2 was introduced to take advantage of the inbuilt claims features of SharePoint 2010 while providing an extended scenario explicitly targeting active directory. Following this implementation, the integrated campaign dashboards were built using PerformancePoint Services, along with some third party components specifically tailored to consume marketing data. To support the automation of the legacy company processes, Windows Workflow Foundation was used to take several procedures, such as those leveraged within the Human Resources department and by procurement officers, and shifted these towards a paper-less manner.To compete in the new era of advertising will require a fundamental change in media and entertainment companies’ capabilities. As the pace of change accelerates, consumer centricity emerges as the scenario of the future. Content owners, media distributors and agencies face new challenges that traditional advertising and marketing cannot address. To adapt and survive, participants need a strategy that combines a strong targeting and ROI focus with cross-platform integration.