SharePoint Case Study: Mining Industry SharePoint Dashboard Implementation

A large mining organization based in Phoenix, AZ with branch offices throughout the United States as well as globally distributed sub-offices, owned a robust portal built upon the Vignette platform focused on providing an executive dashboard to display critical mining statistics. Being an essential cog within the business operations of the organization driving critical business decisions, the extension and supportability of the “Mining Dashboard” was crucial to management in making tactical decisions for the organization. Being primarily a Microsoft shop the current platform selection caused difficult support issues, therefore the organization desired exploring a SharePoint 2010 implementation with custom dashboard elements to not only port the current configuration, but extend it with further features.

Mining is a unique among industries due to the empirical data being distinctive. While mining can be simply defined as the extraction of minerals occurring naturally as solids, subjects such as the extraction being achieved by different methods such as underground, surface mining or seabed mining implies atomic, differing data. Further relevant data was present due to supplementary activities aimed at preparing the crude materials for marketing, such as, crushing, grinding, cleaning, drying, sorting, concentrating ores and agglomeration of solid fuels. Furthermore, this is only focusing on the operational side of the mining industry, since this was further complicated by the inclusion of statistics from:

  • Mining Consulting Services
  • Mining Operational Logistics
  • Mining Technical Systems and Integration

ARB Security Solutions used an intuitive, proven information aggregation approach to firstly identify the key indicators in the organizations business facilities to support the integration of the above into the commercial systems environment. This allowed empirical data to be gathered representing the maintenance and support services for all technical systems used throughout the mining value chain. After examining the full lifecycle of the organization armed with practical data sets, ARB Security Solutions was able to break the organization down ny examining the following operational systems:

  • Plant Performance Management Systems (PPMS)
  • Logistical Operation Management Information System (LOMIS)
  • Fleet Management System (FMS)

This provided focused dashboard requirements, allowing ARB Security Solutions to build analyzed views focused on the management and handling of production equipment and mined materials through primary processing plants. It also bridged the gap between the process level and the enterprise level, while providing for a cross-process LOMIS using already in place metrics generation. Thus, the ARB Security Solutions delivered dashboard provided a single operational management environment with real-time and transaction-based links to both the process level systems and the corporate systems. Furthermore, the offering provided reporting on production/fleet management systems on the process level.

To provide the Dashboard interface, ARB Security Solutions leveraged a combination of both custom programming along with SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services. Using PerformancePoint Services allowed a shared infrastructure while cultivating a consistent management experience with minimal further configuration. After delivering the dashboard application due to the SharePoint environment providing further lucrative other services such Multi-tenancy support and an Enterprise-level, single-security model not only is the dashboard to this day successful, but SharePoint has since become the central CMS within the organization.