SharePoint Case Study: Modeling Agency SharePoint Implementation And Development

One of the worlds premier modeling agencies with branch offices globally distributed around the world was less than satisfied with their current SharePoint 2007 implementation. A unique infrastructure, both the SharePoint was uniquely architected in modeling “communities” with varying durations and intensity of services spanning partner agencies. Very few systematic studies of modeling agencies (or service agencies were people are a commodity) have addressed cross-agency collaboration in a reasonable fashion spawning unique challenges for ARB Security Solutions to spearhead a consistent approach. The importance of providing integrated support services to agencies in order to assist them in dealing with barriers to participation is a common theme in descriptions of cross-agency collaboration efforts.

Based on the requirements provided by the client, ARB Security Solutions firstly focused on roping in the agencies current SharePoint 2007 implementation in order to prepare the platform for an upgrade to SharePoint 2010. This effort focused on three main business drivers:

1) SharePoint Governance – ARB Security Solutions firstly defined a strategic response to inbound, outbound and internal content carried through various mediums of traffic. Policy-based security solutions were advised upon to provide protection and management of unstructured content across all these communication channels. An incorporated governance model was integrated, targeting both current and future content and related security attributes which was used to retrofit the current SharePoint information architecture.

The new governance model incorporated important concepts:

  • Frontend Compliance Management For Privacy Concerns
  • Business Process Improvement Focused on Collaborative Automation
  • Backend Document Retention And Archiving

2) Content Security – Due to the privacy of modeling agencies, the security of the environment was tremendously important. The goals of the ARB Security Solutions integrated SharePoint security design allowed internal employees to more effectively engage their leaders and executives in security governance and management by understanding how to place information and different SharePoint software components within the organization. This furthermore allowed a better understanding of how to enhance current management practices to produce more secure, targeted content. Armed with this enterprise specific SharePoint tooling, managers and SharePoint administrators were allowed to build attentive, security-conscious workspaces cultivating a better position to make well-informed security decisions.

3) Compliance And Privacy Reporting – Understanding that this particular organization was subject to consistent audits due to the sensitive nature of the information, ARB Security Solutions began to build custom tooling on SharePoint platform to allow administrators and management to execute regulatory reports across the environment. Using a standardized baseline built to intelligently detect content compliance issues, this specific software implementation allowed the organization to proactively monitor, target, and mend any specific issues as they arise within the organization.
Taking these efforts into the SharePoint 2007 environment, the platform was firstly brought back to a healthy state before an upgrade was executed to SharePoint 2010. Since any custom tooling was developed in a “side-by-side” fashion (designed to target both the 2007 and 2010 platform) all customizations were brought over, providing a cohesive, fully managed SharePoint environment.

At the end of the day, the implementation was a resounding success, and enjoys consistent good feedback from end users to this day.