SharePoint Hardening Consulting Services

ARB Security Solutions SharePoint security assessments presents an adapted, extensive, and impartial security analysis of internally or externally facing SharePoint deployments. This security service appraises current SharePoint security standards and levels of compliance to provide a well-developed matrix of presented threats, application loopholes, and practical recommendations to tackle unambiguous weaknesses. In addition, we use a library of proprietary tests and custom-developed tools to check for security holes that cannot be identified through automated means.

ARB Security Solutions services are performed only by experienced professionals. All this is put to work for you; we go beyond the basic application assessment to:

  • Demonstrate due diligence for pertinent regulatory compliance
  • Assure SharePoint implementations are sufficiently hardened
  • Deliver actionable findings and strategic recommendations
  • Provide knowledge transfer to your internal security resources

Some organizations believe SharePoint built-in security is directly ready out-of-the-box. While the domestic security mechanisms technically aid in security management and help secure the web application, there is further security assignments required. ARB Security Solutions SharePoint security consulting services help put the security back into your deployment:

  • ARB Security Solutions does not rely solely on tools and scanners for application assessments scanning because of their relative immaturity. All our security testing is performed manually by experienced SharePoint security integrators.
  • ARB Security Solutions performs comprehensive threat analysis to identify key assets needing protection and defines security threats to those assets.
  • ARB Security Solutions will provide you with a detailed report on security vulnerabilities along with architectural and operational weaknesses. Our findings report also provides detailed explanations of countermeasures necessary to secure applications, data assets, and resources, and outlines policy recommendations to ensure long-term compliance with industry best practices.

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