SharePoint Security Assurance Program™

“As a healthcare company consistently concerned with compliance, the Security Assurance program eases the use of collaboration environment with business partners.”

“The financial space is all about security. Third party verification of our SharePoint site has been crucial to maintain trust with our partners.”

Welcome to the SharePoint Security Assurance Program, a security service from ARB Security Solutions in order to ensure your SharePoint platform and application level security.

The SharePoint Security Assurance Program provide vulnerability discovery and remediation management by executing several fundamental testing phases of the examined SharePoint application incorporating various security perspectives. While some of the tests inherently use automated tooling, several mandate manual keyboard turning in order to harvest appropriate result sets.Amplified SharePoint security trumps practically all organizational lists as an area where continued improvements are crucial. Fortification against malicious threats or accidental loss surrounding the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information is not only a business requirement for today’s organization, but increasingly a legal and ethical one. SharePoint_Security_Assurance

The ARB Security Solutions security service includes, however is not limited to:

  • Identify and locate the exact assets located within the relevant security perimeter and prioritize those assets according to value to the business
  • Identify potential threats against the SharePoint assets
  • Catalog vulnerabilities or deficiencies for each SharePoint instance
  • Identify the SharePoint security controls currently in place for each instance

Our scanning procedures ensures that your external security posture is kept in a health state. Using a defined, cyclic process ensures that you are alerted to the latest SharePoint security threats, maintaining certification according to the SharePoint Security Assurance program standards.


The ARB scanning posture leverages a security scanning array whose sole purpose to maintain the most current audits of our customers SharePoint instances. These scanning servers consume a knowledge base that is feed from both internal data sources as well as those developed by the larger world-wide security community.

Please see a detailed description of our scanning topology.

We not only inform our customers of potential security problems in their environment, but also provide the appropriate resolution paths with an option to rely on ARB consulting services to provide support to full resolution.

  • No software or hardware to install or maintain
  • Accurate SharePoint vulnerability bases
  • Automates SharePoint vulnerability discovery and remediation management

After discovered SharePoint security problems are resolved, you will receive a keyed WebPart to your organization that will call back to the servers to query the last date an audit was performed for the organization, done on a daily basis.

Security Assurance WebPart


Runtime verification of current security status is available for visitors to checked the last scan date, and the next schedule scan date as seen in the below capture.

Portion Of Verification Page For A Keyed SharePoint Instance
10-8-2009 10-31-23 AM

This service is also available for internal deployments, under the SharePoint Hardening consulting offering.

Proactive Security Scanning
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Time Cycled Security Scanning

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SharePoint Security Assurance For Blogs / Community Sites
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