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AD (and local user) Password Management WebPart (Update)

Getting close to release a beta of this WebPart. The only things that I really have left is to fix up the appearance of it a little bit, since right now although functional, it is not very attractive. On the good end I finished up the SharePoint feature and solution portions so deployment is easy and manageable.

(Select for larger image)

This WebPart was fun to write. I forgot how interesting working with Interop.ActiveDs was when creating access management schemes. I plan on using it again to do a password reminder WebPart that will show the user how many days they have left in a small little WebPart before their password expires, useful for putting in the upper right-hand corner of a landing page.


One Comment

  1. Phan Tung says:

    Could you mind show me your codes for how this webpart does?
    Thank so much!
    Phan Tung

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