AD Password Management WebPart

I am finishing up an AD Password Change ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart for my environment that I am going to release for free. I looked at a few of the commercial ones, and generally they were entirely too expensive for such a simple piece of functionality, which really doesn’t require that much code. Furthermore, I was looking for a WebPart that provided this functionality not just for domain accounts, but since I actively use several local admin accounts for development purposes, to fill those shoes as well.
You could certainly just use the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider and the asp:changepassword Control (which as far as I know just uses ADSI ChangePassword) to achieve the same thing, but this WebPart will be helpful to some people that aren’t using the provider for their environment.
On a side note, if you are working with the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider and trying to work with some of the password methods you will eventually most likely encounter this error:

“New password does not comply with the policy of the Active Directory”.

Its not a big deal to fix. Just to be sure, the best route is to use ADSI and see if you can use the change password function, it will eliminate architectural issues. Otherwise, view this post where I walk you through the solution.
Expect the new WebPart to be deployed tomorrow, so you can be ready to rock and roll with your domain AND local admin account password management!