Sneak Peak – SharePoint CardSpace Provider

I wanted to give everyone a quick sneek peak at what the CardSpace provider I am working on is shaping up to be. Its not real fancy right now, and is currently in testing with two companies I know that were interested in getting their SharePoint implementation up with CardSpace. Here is a large screenshot of it:

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What you will notice that is not the same as the orthodox login.aspx that is used by default within SharePoint FBA enabled sites is this little piece:

This is the CardSpace login WebPart. It has a lot of ties into the Form Based Authentication settings, mainly for redirection. All of the settings for it are managed from the WebPart properties, so it is fairly easy to manipulate with claims and STS parameters. Along with that, it is desployed as a SharePoint Feature file through a .wsp so is easily manageable.

Thanks go to my friends at InfoDyne and MaxBits who are currently testing this for me! Your time is much appreciated!



  1. Jack Palivoda says:

    Hello Adam,

    Very interested in this and any ties you have to the product team for the idea of using Cardspace to get to sharePoint & possibly WebSphere in the future.

    I have a customer very interested in bridging the security divide between SPS & Webspere & I am trying to determine if Cardspace/SAML is the way to go. I can be reached at (216)235-2990.


  2. Adam Buenz says:

    SAML is definitely the way to go, I am not sure if CardSpace is the solution that you should be looking at. I will shortly be releasing ForeSight SSO that takes care of all the SAML you need for true SSO, and will let you sign on to websphere. It will be hosted at my software firm at and will shortly have some brief demos availble at


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