Groovy, I Found My Old Cyberlaunding And Hacking SharePoint Papers From Graduate School

We are moving houses to a horse farm in Eden Prairie from SW Minneapolis, and I was going through a bunch of flash drives that I found, and as part of my econ. masters had to do a bunch of research on cyberlaunding. All of these articles are going to focus on cyberlaundering as a supra-national problem and I thought people might find them interesting since most of the stuff you see know a days is from like 10 years ago. This is only like 7 years old :)

I made a new category for this here:

Cyberlaundering Research

I actually found some super old code, which is always fun, look its on 2003:p :

I also found some related knowledge management stuff that uses KP3, I can’t remember which but some healthcare firm I worked at made me go to classes on it. Boooorrrinng.

These additions are already in the preexisiting Knowledge Mangement category:

Knowledge Management