Deployment Scenarios and Forms Service Security

Deploying an InfoPath form involves examining the type of InfoPath development that was performed, whether the forms you developed were codeless or code-bound. When developing custom forms that don’t hook into any backend business logic, the forms can simply be deployed to the server by an end user for consumption by other organizational units. However, if the .XSN contains backend business logic, a server administrator must intervene in the deployment process in order to deploy the form, providing the vital step of allowing activation of the form before the form is consumed by the user base. Server administrator intervention is also required when other conditions for form deployment are met, namely if the form being deployed requires full-trust, since Forms Services offers domain trust or restricted security as the only other options. Server administrator intervention is required if the form is leveraging a data connection that is building a sensitive data pipe, and therefore is managed by the server administrator. These data connections are usually managed through the use of a Data Connection Library, and the relevant data connections must be approved before they are available for users that are using the SharePoint Form Designer.
Form Verification
As pointed out earlier in this section, there are several deployment considerations to take into consideration when deploying an InfoPath XmlFormView control. The first to consider is the list of unsupported controls that HTML cast forms are subject to. The following is a list of the controls that are supported within Forms Server as well as those that are not supported.
Supported and Unsupported Controls
Supported Controls


Not Supported Controls


Text Box


Combo box


Rich Text Box


Plan Lists


List Box


Bulleted Lists


Date Picker


Numbered Lists


Drop-Down List Box


Multiple-selection list box


Check Box




Option Button


File Attachment




Scrolling and Horizontal Regions


Repeating Table


Repeating Choice Groups


Repeating Section


Vertical Label




Picture and Ink Pictures


Optional and Repeating


Custom Controls




Choice Group




Repeating Recursive Section


File Attachment


Ink Picture


File and Picture


Horizontal Repeating Table


When deploying a form to the Forms Server, it will verify that you are not using any of the above controls along with the warning and errors that are thrown for your custom form, going back to the Design Once principle that was introduced earlier.
Form verification can be performed by the server administrator prior to the deployment of a form by using the STSADM command line tool provisioned by SharePoint by navigating to the
  1. %system%
  2. Program Files
  3. Common Files
  4. Microsoft Shared
  5. web server extensions
  6. 12
  7. BIN