This Post Details Content That I Have Written Regarding The SharePoint API On MSDN. The Full Article Will Have These Contents As Annotations Of The Full Article.

I Encourage You To Read The Full MSDN Class Documentation, Since Things Like Type Hierarchy Are Illustrated.

Adam Buenz’s MSDN Located At Annotations edited by Adam Buenz – MVP:

Tags: sharepoint moss Description The Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.UpdateableHierarchicalView class inherits from the System.IDisposable interface to accommodate object lifetime and the HierarchicalDataSourceView base class responsible for collecting data from a data source. UpdateableHierarchicalView provides a HierarchicalDataSourceView object that also incorporates an event handler to implement behavior for when the HierarchicalDataSourceView is changed, making it updateable. UpdateableHierarchica

Read My Complete MSDN Article: UpdateableHierarchicalView


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