.NET Framework 3.5 Makes IIS Translate Gibberish

After you install .NET framework 3.5 you may find that your IIS interface prefers gibberish over your current language. Well, at least on the surface it does.So I was bringing a server up to the patch / .NET framework versions as my development environment, and I opened IIS to configure AJAX, and I see this:

So, I say, I wonder if the properties are right? And indeed they are.

Even if I try a rename, it swaps it for the right text.

Rebooting solves it, however it is a curious change(and also reasonably scary).


One thought on “.NET Framework 3.5 Makes IIS Translate Gibberish”

  1. It is not just IIS it affects, I saw the very same thing on a 2003 R2 x64 File Server – cue a ad-hoc backup and a reboot. Didn’t see it again after the reboot and everything have been okay since, had not associated it with .NET 3.5 install however.

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