Business Connectivity Services In SharePoint 2013

Business Connectivity Services is an infrastructure in SharePoint 2013  that is centralized. It supports data solutions that are integrated. This enables the use of both SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 clients for the interface with various forms of data. This external data can be in a database for example that is accessed with out of the box Business Connectivity Services.

It can also be in reference to data that is accessed through a web service or published in OData. Business Connectivity Services is able to accomplish this through out of the box customized connectors. These connectors allow the communication to be bridged between SharePoint 2013 and an external system that is hosting that external data.

There are several options found in SharePoint 2013 for access to external data. The most popular method though is to have it presented from an external list. This looks and feels just like the regular SharePoint lists. However, they are only going to display the external data. In order to successfully integrate that with other data in a library or a list, you will need to use an external data column.

The external data column offers information that you can use to create and add to a SharePoint list. This is the same as the process for adding Date, Group, Person and Time.

The difference though is that it displays external data only. With the use of SharePoint 2013  and Business Data Web Parts, it is possible to successfully interact with external data and apps. Once the external data is available, there are different operations that can be performed with that data.

 They include Create, Delete, Query, Read, and Update.

What can be used depends on the operations that have been enabled. Changes can be made in SharePoint 2013 or Office 2013  so that they can be automated and synchronized to the external data source. SharePoint Search can assist you with locating external data.

Every company faces unique challenges and different forms of data that is accessed. That data is also used for different purposes. While some of the data stems from SharePoint 2013, a large amount of it doesn’t. In many regards, a business may not have control over some of the data that is in a file and in databases. There is also the need to secure some files such as sensitive information about employee records. Other data will be more freely accessible by all in the business and even 3rd parties.

The use of Business Connectivity Services should be set up to give the business the control it needs in various areas of data. At the same time, they should be able to use the data to successfully accomplish the overall goals of the business. The data that a business uses may be both structured and unstructured. The ability to make both types accessible through customized interfaces is done in house. It does involve some level of overhead and development as well as ongoing maintenance.

 The use of Business Connectivity Services allows a company to easily integrate external data to SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013. The type of solution you are looking for will help you to decide how to control the data and how to update it in the external system. You can also set it up to work both online and offline. This allows work to be shared within SharePoint 2013  and Office 2013 .