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Department Of Defense SharePoint Architecture Guide (DSAG) Part 6 Deployment Business Rules SharePoint Services & Data

There are rules and principles that have to be defined regarding the way in which the services and data are going to be treated in the environment of net centrics. It is important to understand that they apply to the various Department of Defense investments for all of the portfolios and components within the DIEA 1.0.

There are various forms of data and services that the applications need to be able to access. All of the users with authorization within the Department of Defense need to be able to access them. There may be limited policies and laws in place though that require special classification in order to get to certain functions and levels of operation.

The data sources that are authorized won’t make any single source one that has more authority than others. All of the data that a producer has must be capable of providing the assets and solutions that are necessary for the enterprise to be searchable and secure.

Data is offered according to what the enterprise standard happens to be for the metadata. The mission of the business and its functions allow for the enterprise to be network based with an interface that is well defined. The services need to be advertised by registering them with an enterprise service registry.

The development of semantic vocabulary is important. This allows for the elements to be used again from the universal core information exchange. The vocabulary needs to be registered with the enterprise so that it can be deemed for visibility and for easy understanding to occur. When it comes to the existing data services, there is an end user that can be responsible for the use of these assets. Then they don’t have to be created each time.

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