SharePoint 2013 eDiscovery Exchange Integration

It is possible to manage the discovery process for Exchange Server 2013 from a SharePoint eDiscovery Center. There are several options you have. Adding Exchange mailboxes as sources to do an eDiscovery set or query, preview the content that is discovered in an Exchange mailbox, apply a hold to an Exchange mailbox, and export content that is discovered from an Exchange mailbox.

In order to discover content in Exchange mailboxes, you need to configure a trust relationship between SharePoint and Exchange. You also have to grant very specific Exchange permissions to the users of the e Discovery center.

There are quite a few factors to take into consideration before you implement eDiscovery. Determine how many eDiscovery Centers you need and where to put them, identify the locations that contain content to be discovered, and consider the permissions that you have to grant to the various users of eDiscovery.

The decisions that you include in your plan for eDiscovery may affect other systems that your organization uses. This includes Exchange Server 2013. You may need to coordinate with people who manage those systems as you are creating your plan so that it can be a smooth implementation process. The decisions you make during the planning are very important. They determine the tasks that can be carried out.