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CAPTCHA WebPart Now A Field Control

Well, after pinging the MVP group about deployment options in regards to replacing the traditional listformwebpart that is used to submit comments with my CAPTCHA WebPart, it is now going to be a custom field control, suggested by Dustin from sharepointexperts.com. I really never thought about going down this route but it does really make more sense.

I am a little depressed since I spent some of my Sunday time yesterday (which is normally my xbox / sushi time) building the listform functionality into the WebPart, and now it isn’t very useful. Although I am crying in the corner, Dustin’s approach does make more sense to use.

Oh well, time to get some re-coding done. On the good end, I have only created one custom field type for a project that I was on before, so this will give me the chance to get some better experience in that realm.


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