CMMi is Stupid, Agile is Better

Sorry if you use it, but it really is a stupid development methodology unless you have around 150 or so developers on your staff or are trying to acquire huge federal contracts that mandate a CMMi level certification. On average, research indicates that when developing on a small team (less than 50 developers) using CMMi will actually cost your aggregate development between 50-80% more for deliverables than a generic agile methodology, cost increasing when decreasing the amount of developers on staff. It is just too bureaucratic to be effective, and it is rare that any benefits of it are reaped in comparison to the unbelievably high cost it incurs.

Actually, there are some other ways I would describe CMMI:

Managers can’t manage in real-time, they have to plan 90 years down the road in order to plan software changes

Unproductive for developers, prepare for documenting when you fart and how it affected your development for the day

Generates pages of useless documentation that no one will ever find helpful. You could save several forests with all the documentation you would have to develop for a “hello world” WebPart.

Its boring, really boring. It makes you not want to develop what you are working on

CMMi includes unbelievable planning objects you really never see useful for adaptable WebParts and SharePoint development

etc. (I will be adding to this list a lot)

All in all, if you use CMMi, I feel sorry for you, because for SharePoint development (and IMHO in .NET development in general), it is an absolutely awful methodology.