CryptoCollaboration Version Alpha Released

Encryption while by all popular means with collaboration systems remains a somewhat esoteric subject, is nonetheless crucial for maintaining privacy, security, and data integrity. While the native SharePoint security functions do indeed provide some level of these concepts, it is limited in the sense that it is tailored around hiding items that you don’t have appropriate rights to, for most organizations this layer is simply not enough because the data still exists in a poolable format.

Typically industrial strength privacy collaboration environments generally instead require that an encryption solution be in place to couple appropriately with native security functions so as to ensure that the data itself remains unreadable to certain users. This is the purpose of CryptoCollaboration.

I have recently published the deployable project on CodePlex, at the following location:

It has already gone through one quick revision through the MVP group that gave me some good feedback regarding the interface and some brief functionality. If you want to see what the application itself looks like, you can view some brief screen shots on the CodePlex site.

Anyways, I feel like I have done enough typing about this project for the time being, so I will let the CodePlex site do the talking. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I am currently recording them on the issues list on CodePlex.


4 thoughts on “CryptoCollaboration Version Alpha Released”

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  2. Adam,
    Very cool stuff. Question for you though (and I know, I should just download it and try it), but how does CryptoCollaboration handle attachments? Does it also take them and encrypt them as well and then place them back in the list item using a web service call or…?

  3. Attachment encryption is coming, in revision Version which is being released at today offers support for encrypting file operations though, which is the first step to that!

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