Empty Usage and Health Reports In SharePoint 2013

I was called into Dow Chemical Company Over in St. Louis Park to investigate why they were only seeing empty usage and health reports with their new SharePoint 2013 environment. I was not the person that set it up so I went in this morning to check it out.

If for some reason, you find that the usage and health reports are always showing up as empty, there is a relatively quick fix. This can still happen if you follow the orthodox setup producere in Central Admin -> Monitoring -> Configuring health data collection with both the usage data collection and  health data collection tags checked. The way you can tell if you have this issue is to go into your site collection, get a popularity trend report, and notice the lack of content within it. Follow these setps to execute the repair:

  1. Check whether the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import timer jobs are all running and haven’t farted out.
  2. Because of the merging of search services, make sure that everything is good on that front and that crawling is continuous.
  3. Make sure WSS_Admin_WPG and WSS_WPG have access to the log folder.

At this point, if the above steps have not worked, you have to make sure the logging database isn’t the point of failure.

  1. Create a new login in SQL for logging access
  2. Go back to Central Admin -> Monitoring -> Configuring health data collection
  3. use SQL authentication instead of Windows