Free Server Name WebPart Which WFE Is Servicing a SharePoint Request

This is probably the most nominal WebPart I have ever seen / written but I really needed it this morning. As you can guess it just uses a ServerVariables object (off the current context request) to expose the relevant environment variables, in this case just the server name.

The reason this came about was in large SharePoint farms it is notably important when doing certain types of architecture troubleshooting to know which WFE you are hitting. And….well…that’s really it. At least you don’t have to put the WSP together I guess.

So this is what that WebPart does. Just install the WSP and deploy it in Central Admin (as noted in previous posts, I never automate the deployment step).

10-13-2009 10-07-51 AMThe WebPart is Feature activated. In the site collection features, locate the Server Name WebPart feature and activate it.

10-13-2009 10-10-07 AM

Once activated, you will find the WebPart under the ARB Security Solutions header in the WebPart gallery.

10-13-2009 10-13-01 AM

Add it to the page, and it will display the server name in the SharePoint farm responding.

10-13-2009 10-13-51 AM


Well I guess I should actually give a download link :)



8 thoughts on “Free Server Name WebPart Which WFE Is Servicing a SharePoint Request”

  1. Portability being important, however a DVWP approach will unghost the page as well, arguably more important.

  2. Well you can easily create a DVWP without unghosting the specific page it will sit on.
    Juste create a “test/dev” page, thn create your DVWP on this page. Then Export/Import the web part on another page. And, bing, you have got it, a DVWP on a ghosted page.

  3. Don’t you find that much more cumbersome than deploying a Feature controlled WebPart with no gallery hooks?

  4. another no code simple solution is to add an image to layouts/images directory in each front end. Then change the image in each wfe to reflect name do WFE say WFE1 and WFE2

    Now in any pages, insert a link to _layouts/images/

    One issue, you need to refresh the page to get the latest image from server not from cash.

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