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The client I am presently at has a comparatively large internal .NET shop since they are a .NET SaaS firm, and a lot of the traditional .NET developers are starting to migrate over to SharePoint for an internal product basis. So we figured the best way to train was to pick a pretty generic WebPart requirement, everyone builds their own, see who does what how, integrate the best approaches from the different projects, and see what the final product looks like.

Thus was born the Simple Rollup WebPart. It is named as such because it is literally the most generic WebPart that I have ever seen. And the requirement that was given was to make the World’s most generic WebPart. So this was successful!

In the spirt of being super generic, it is also really easy to use with a nominal amount of properties requiring configuration. Namely, there is:

  1. A URL
  2. A List Name
  3. A View Name
  4. Amount Up To Query
  5. Amount Down To Query

Noticably, the approach being used is much faster than traditional SharePoint rollups I have seen in the past, way past what the CQWP (Content Query WebPart) performs at.

Ok, so now to the screenshot-tastic demonstration of how the WebPart works. The WebPart is written in a Feature controlled format, following the same approach as nearly every other WebPart available on this site. So, firstly add the SharePoint Solution to the Solution store by running the installation .bat file:

10-22-2009 11-54-48 AM

After, the Solution will be available in the Solution store for deployment:

10-22-2009 11-53-40 AM

Once the solution is deployed, you have to active the Rollup Feature to populate the WebPart description file into the gallery so that you can add it to the page. Navigate to the Site Collection Features, and Active The Rollup WebPart Feature. 

10-22-2009 11-58-16 AM


Once Activated, you will find the WebPart available under the ARB Security Solutions group heading in the WebPart gallery:

10-22-2009 12-00-33 PM

Add it to the page, and you will be presented with the notification that no items have been found (because you haven’t configured the Rollup properties yet!)

10-22-2009 12-00-09 PM

Following, configure the properties for the WebPart. I have two Task lists on the primary and a subsite, so I am going to use that for testing. The properties are explained below:

10-22-2009 12-03-36 PM

  1. The URL to start the rollup at. If you leave this blank then it will use the current context as the starting point.
  2. The list name you want to query for, like “Tasks”, “Discussions”, etc.
  3. The levels up you want the rollup to go.
  4. The levels down you want the rollup to go
  5. The SharePoint view you want to target in the rollup, this allows you to target the data display to particular users since you have use the inherit view replacement variables, like [Me] and [Today].

Following, you will be presented with the columns and values based on those available in the configured view. The grouping is provided in order to split up the values by the site they are gathered from.

10-22-2009 12-08-37 PM

 And that’s it! The WebPart is free, but as always comments about use / backlinks are appreciated.


Link Will Be Back Up Shortly

Let me know if you have problems in the comments :)



  1. Vishnu says:

    Very nice rollup webpart!

  2. Suominena says:

    When does the new download link appear?

  3. adam says:

    Sorry, it will be coming up after this weekend. The WebPart required some modifications.

  4. uelk says:

    there were TWO weekends now :)

  5. adam says:

    *Slaps on wrist*

    Sorry, I have been heads down trying to get SecureCenter done. It will be up again shortly…the long weekend will help.

  6. Logan27 says:

    HI! So, is there any changes? Can I download this?

  7. uelk says:

    i´m so sad, no download yet ?

  8. feel says:

    thanks free sharepoint WebPart!


  9. Manrike says:

    Great web part!!

    When it will be available to download?

    Thank you so much!

  10. Paul says:

    Would like to know when this can be downloaded?

  11. adam says:

    End of the week, ill clean it up over a TFS migration I am doing this week.

    Sorry for the delay….

  12. Dido says:

    … somehow, this does not seem to get up again :) … such bad problems?

  13. adam says:

    Its going up this weekend with the new SharePoint org chart.

  14. Henry says:

    Any ideas of when this will be up? Looks like we’re going on 4 or 5 months now?

  15. panoone says:

    adam, let’s be honest here. Do you ever intend to re-release this web part? :D

  16. Scott says:

    I guess that’s a “No”. To bad, this looked really useful.

  17. Led says:

    When it will be available to download?

  18. hajji says:

    good posts

  19. Shannon says:

    I would love to be able to try this out, please let me know when the download will be available.


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