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Recently at a client I was charged with investigating an application that dealt with incoming / outgoing requests. The data that built up the request objects was being stored as SPListItem’s within their respective SPList objects. After investigation, I was directed to keep the very loosely coupled and inefficient data storage scheme that was actually composed of three lists, rather than well designed metadata, the same. Since I was going to be augmenting the lists, it was necessary for me to have a utility that would allow me to source a list, and copy the relevant SPField objects regardless of base type to a destination list. As a result, I ended up writing my own little utility to automate this task.

The application itself is simple, one form, very few controls.

Start the application:

Give it a URL, get the lists:

This is my source SPList, it has a example fields of all the built-in types:

This is my destination SPList, it has a whole lot of nothing:

Doing the diff, obviously there are a lot of differences:

Then if you begin the copy operation, it will mimic the source list:

Have fun. The source is available on the codeplex site.


3 thoughts on “Freeware – SharePoint Field Diff And Copy Utility”

  1. Hi, very nice feature!
    Thank you!

    Why you not use Content Type in this situations?
    You can create CT that contents all shared fields that you need for two or more
    lists and attach it to you list.

  2. I thought about doing it that way. I agree though that the CT approach is cleaner. I just wanted to use as low level proxy objects as I could.

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