New Redirector WebPart In Testing

Probably the quickest I have ever changed around a package I released, I am re-releasing a new version of the redirector webpart that just doesn’t look at user profiles, but will also allow you to look at the relevant site groups that a user is a member of, and will allow a redirection based on that. I have also taken the time to refactor some of the code which cut some of its size down, and did post build optimization on the assembly. I am going to be releasing these as two separate packages, since the profile one works great for those whom have MOSS, and the site groups one works great for those whom are only running WSS.

The two companies I generally have test my freeware are starting to test it on Monday, and it will take about two days to put it through FXCop and get the .WSP package out to the public.

This is based on comments that I received on the first release, the first post located here


9 thoughts on “New Redirector WebPart In Testing”

  1. Hi again ;-)

    So cool to see you developing on the redirector-web part. I’m sure it’s great – can’t wait to download it and check it out myself!

    Kind regards,

  2. Hey!

    Sure thing! The comments on improving it are always appreciated and necessary for me to improve the software.

    I will be releasing it in two .WSP’s this time around in order to provide appropriate builds to users based on their current environments. There are two packages aptly named Redirector WebPart SG and Redirector WebPart SP, Site Groups and SharePoint Profile versions.

    I agree with your comments from before, this approach makes it much easier for people to use based on their environmental requirements. Actually the additional code was so small that it would have been silly not to add it :-).

  3. This is what we’ve been looking for but… The CIO doesn’t approve using any freeware for which we don’t have the source. Is this possible?

  4. Hi,

    This looks an excellent solution and just what we are currently needing.

    I may have missed this in the blog trail but is there a version available yet which has unlimited re-directs. We basically want to be able to re-direct our clients from our main website using one url link through to our Sharepoint portal and based on their AD login, be redirected to their relavant sharpoint portal page/s.

    We don’t have anyone too familiar with web development or sharepoint, so if you have any other instructions on how to install and set this up, I would be very grateful.



  5. Hi Adam,
    Do you have a new version of the redirector webpart that supports more than 10 redirections?

    Cathy Stadler

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