New Redirector WebPart In Testing

Probably the quickest I have ever changed around a package I released, I am re-releasing a new version of the redirector webpart that just doesn’t look at user profiles, but will also allow you to look at the relevant site groups that a user is a member of, and will allow a redirection based on that. I have also taken the time to refactor some of the code which cut some of its size down, and did post build optimization on the assembly. I am going to be releasing these as two separate packages, since the profile one works great for those whom have MOSS, and the site groups one works great for those whom are only running WSS.

The two companies I generally have test my freeware are starting to test it on Monday, and it will take about two days to put it through FXCop and get the .WSP package out to the public.

This is based on comments that I received on the first release, the first post located here