Next Revision Of CryptoCollaboration (V5)

I am almost done with the next revision of CryptoCollaboration, which will now make the revision count up to 5. Within a week. Yeesh. I need to get a hobby :)

Anyways, the largest changes are conditional standard encryption of attachments using the same process that is available when files are encrypted in a document library. Therefore, you will notice different interface elements when attachment elements are found within a list item, which allows you to optionally encrypt them. Some people have emailed me asking if they can use different encryption algorithms for this, right now honestly I don’t see building that in being very useful, so I am skipping it for now. If I was going to do selectable objects / encryption algorithms, I think I will instead just put some CheckBox controls or something within the operations interface that lets you select ALL fields that you want to encrypt. I will step back and look at that at a later date.

I am looking into other encryption routines to integrate into the overall application as well. I already have all the ones that the .NET framework natively supports, as well as wrote the code to have BlowFish in there. Now I am also considering putting TwoFish in the application as well. Twofish is a symmetric key block cipher whose block size consists of 128 bits supporting sizes up to 256-bit keys. I had originally wanted to include this algorithm in the initial release, but was having performance problems with my approach. I know that it is generally considered to be much less efficient than Rijndael when leveraging 128-bit keys, but it is supposed to be notably faster with 256-bit keys. Unfortunately this wasn’t my experience, so I would have to step back and rework some of my approaches to get this to work correctly.

I am still looking for more feedback on the application itself. If you want to email me directly, you can just use the contact page on the main site and avoid having to open your email client.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback thus far!