No Resharper Makes Adam Sad

I don’t know if this is just me, but when I was opening source controlled projects (VSS) for the SECOND time Resharper decides that it was time to take a field day all of a sudden. I could have sworn that it worked before. That and my Intellisense went away (which I remember I had to enable Auto list members and Parameter information options the last time I uninstalled it).

I discovered quickly that I had an unnoticed dependency on Resharper, particularly because I just got so used to the offered shortcuts that I consistently mistyped.

However, I have been getting around it for the time being by opening the destination directory that Visual Studio has been using and letting the locally stored source control bindings do their work. For some reason, all is copasetic when the solution is opened this way.

I wonder if there is a reason that this happens with Resharper, because one would have to assume that the product must work with one of the more popular source code repositories.

Has anyone seen this behavior?