No Search Service In SharePoint 2013 Fix

Playing around with the RTM version of SharePoint Foundation 2013 today I noticed that when I stood up one farm, I got the search service but in a second one, where I felt fairly confident that I followed the same process, I did not. I have to admit that this entire situation to me was pretttttttty confusing.

Holistically speaking regarding the provisioned service applications, on server X I had all the service application I expected, however on server Y all I see is application load balancing and the security token service application. So whatever I go and try to create the search service application, however it is not being offered for instantiation. All I am seeing is app management, bcs, and secure store services. So not only was it not provisioned, I don’t even know how the hell to get it within the farm.

Navigating to PS, I attempted to use the cmdlets that I would normally use. SpSearchService isn’t there because it’s foundation and not SSE, and when I try to use the SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication it complains that I am running foundation. This equates to a big WTF? Furthermore, this problem extended to the State Service.

The only way to fix this within the current version is using farm configuration wizard, which will pump out the Search Administration Web Server for Search Service Application, Search Service Application, and WSS_UsageApplication. What a PITA.