Redirector WebPart For WSS (Site Groups) Almost Ready

The next version (or seperate version) of the Redirector WebPart for SharePoint is almost there! I had two companies finish their respective testing of the component, and there were some brief modifications, most of which I took care of tonight, that had to be compensated for.

This version, as stated before, will focus on WSS deployments (which I guess I should focus on anyways since I am a WSS MVP :-) ), as it will base the redirection on site groups. It appears to be working correctly, and after I finish my FXCop build, I will it to the public.

Thanks to everyone for their respective comments and suggestions, I will continue to warmly receive these in order to make improvements to the software.

I am going to write some more interface WebParts in the coming weeks, since I think easy interface provisioning is missing. The next WebPart that you can expect I am calling “Easy SideBar”, which will display all your current roles, as well as a selectable amount of sites (of which you have access to) within a drop down box. It is meant to be placed within the upper right hand corner of the root site, in order to ease your users use of the site, after the Redirector WebPart takes effect maybe :-).

Again, thanks for all comments and suggestions.