Resolving “the local SharePoint server is not available” Error

When doing development with SharePoint, it is pretty well-known that because you develop directly against the object model that the environment must have SharePoint present. However, at a client this morning I was helping to build some test and development environments and for some reason the error:

“the local SharePoint server is not available”

kept bubbling up, when clearly there was a local SharePoint instance present. This error can occur after a variety of actions, such as invoking SharePoint Explorer or in visual studio deployment steps.

The quickest way to resolve the error make sure that the account being used to run Visual Studio is a db_owner on the SharePoint config and SharePoint admin databases.


8 thoughts on “Resolving “the local SharePoint server is not available” Error”

  1. Technically, I think the official solution to this issue has nothing to do with database permissions, but rather that the developer must be an admin on the site collection.

  2. One of my developers is having this problem now, but he’s a site administrator and farm administrator. I agree that there should be a way to resolve this using SharePoint security, but we’re going to punt and do the database security change to get past this.

  3. I think database credential should be updated automatically when once add as an administrator. Microsoft should fix this

  4. Thanks, i had this message when trying to deploy to GAC/BIN using CKS Dev tools. This fixed it for me when I added my user account to SQL Server as a sysadmin.
    Seems like a pretty dumb requirement in order to copy assemblies into the GAC!

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