SharePoint 2010 Content Types Best Practices

Designing well-formed content types is important when building SharePoint 2010 solutions as they provide overall environment data blueprinting. They should by the most basic method for organization of the content and the content type per list needs to be less than ten. It also needs to be distinct so that it is simple enough for users to understand which content type they should use. Content types should be used to select specific columns for that type of content, and should provide a built in column for every item. A value can then be assigned for filtering and metadata navigational purposes.

The basic categories of content should be done with content types. When you have a metadata for classifying the content then you need to consider the type of class for each of the content types. This will enable you to define the columns that are connected with a type of content. When they are associated with work flow as well as the template you can associate one content type per template. When you create a new instance of the content type just use the “New Document” drop down menu in a document library.

The use of templates for file formats in Microsoft Word, Power Point, or Excel is possible. A user can create a new instance of the content type. The particular client application is used through the authorization of the template. This type of content is uploaded by users and they can choose from the various types of content types. They should be very distinctive and have enough numbers for the content types that they can be easily picked up when you are trying to determine what type of content to use.

Content types have control over the metadata for the users to fill in when they create or they upload an item. This is also part of the process when it comes to the columns that will be used to stay in compliance of various business requirements. They also serve to reduce the barriers for submitting content. Selecting a good set of content types for classifying the content at the primary level makes for easier navigation. Every item has a content type so there is a pivot for filtering what works well with each of the items.


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