SharePoint Developer Interview Questions

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I have had some really silly questions occur on SharePoint development job interviews (I am sure that most of use have), a lot of the time they just focus on the .NET development end of things are skip over any or all the SharePoint development considerations . However, for an interview I recently was on, I actually got asked some fairly decent technical questions (in comparison to others I have been on).

Because I could tell that this was going to be a good one, I started to write down the questions as they were asked, because they aren’t stupid ones like ummm, what is a WebPart?. They actually weren’t super crappy, and totaled in 45! I know, the interview was freakin two hours of questions, yeesh. I will post the answers to these in another segment shortly. Anyways, here are the questions that I was asked, I felt exhausted afterwords:

1) What are the two base classes a WebPart you are going to use within SharePoint 2007 can inherit from?

2) What are the differences between the two base classes and what are the inherit benefits of using one over another?

3) What is the GAC?

4) Why is strong naming (signing) a WebPart assembly file mean?

5) What are safe controls, and what type of information, is placed in that element in a SharePoint web.config file?

6) What is the CreateChildControls() method? How can you use it to do something simplelike displaying a simple Label control?

7) What does the RenderContents method do in an ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart?

8) What is the WebPartManager sealed class? What is its purpose?

9) What is a SPSite and SPWeb object, and what is the difference between each of the objects?

10) How would you go about getting a reference to a site?

11) What does a SPWebApplication object represent?

12) Would you use SPWebApplication to get information like the SMTP address of the SharePoint site?

13) How do you connect (reference) to a SharePoint list, and how do you insert a new List Item?

14) How would you loop using SPList through all SharePont List items, assuming you know the name (in a string value) of the list you want to iterate through?

15) How do you return SharePoint List items using SharePoint web services?

16) When retrieving List items using SharePoint Web Services, how do you specify explicit credentials to be passed to access the list items?

17) What is CAML, and why would you use it?

18) What is impersonation, and when would you use impersonation?

19) What is the IDesignTimeHtmlProvider interface, and when can you use it in WebParts?

20) What are WebPart properties, and what are some of the attributes you see when declaring WebPart properties?

21) Why are properties important in WebPart development, and how have you exploited them in past development projects?

22) What are ClassResources? How do you reference and deploy resources with an ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart?

23) What is a SharePoint Solution File? How does it differ from WebPart .cab files in legacy development? What does it contain?

24) What is a .ddf file and what does it have to do with SharePoint Solution creation?

25) What file does a SharePoint solution pacakage use to orchestrate (describe) its packaged contents?

26) What deployment mechanism can you use to instigate Code Access Security attributes for your WebParts?

27) What is a SharePoint Feature?

28) What types of SharePoint assets can be deployed with a SharePoint feature?

29) What are event receivers?

30) When would you use an event receiver?

31) What base class do event receivers inherit from?

32) If I wanted to not allow people to delete documents from a document library, how would I go about it?

33) What is the difference between an asynchronous and synchronous event receivers?

34) How could you assign append string to the title of a site when it is provisioned?

35) Can an event receiver be deployed through a SharePoint feature?

36) What is a content type?

37) Can a content type have receivers associated with it?

38) What two files are typically included when developing a content type, and what is the purpose of each?

39) What is an ancestral type and what does it have to do with content types?

40) Can a list definition be derived from a custom content type?

41) When creating a list definition, how can you create an instance of the list?

42) What is a Field Control?

43) What base class do custom Field Controls inherit from?

44) What is a SharePoint site definition?

45) How does one deploy new SharePoint site definitions so that they are made aware to the SharePoint system?