Sneak Peak: SimpleChart Org Chart WebPart W/ AD DS Integration

Just putting a sneek peak up :)

I am pretty much done with it, but the code requires some tidying up and refactoring, I want to keep the size real light. But here is the interface running on the Microsoft provided SharePoint 2007 trail virtual machine:


And here are the new properties. I like the AD DS group restriction. It makes it easy to make department specific org charts I am finding.



One thought on “Sneak Peak: SimpleChart Org Chart WebPart W/ AD DS Integration”

  1. I can see the domain guests and guests but I can’t see any other group. We have Domain Users. I can see the heading but I cant see the Menmbers. I also cant see any groups that I enter. E.G. ‘All Staff Members’. If I put the Domain extension ( Domain.COM) I get a sharepoint exception error.

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