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Test Whether SPUser Is In SPGroup

I had to write a small method this morning that would allow me to test whether an SPUser object was a member of an arbitrary SPGroup. Particularly, I needed a way to do this in an event receiver, which is why you see a reference to the properties parameter representative of the SPItemEventProperties when getting a reference to the relevant item and list objects. I wanted to do this basically:

SPUser curUser = web.CurrentUser;

SPGroup testGroup = properties.ListItem.Web.Groups[“Home Visitors”];
string groupName = testGroup.Name;
if (bIsInGroup(curUser, groupName))



Then to use this boolean test, I simply just used this method:


private bool bIsInGroup(SPUser user, string strname)
foreach (SPGroup group in user.Groups)
if (group.Name == strname)
return true;
catch (Exception exception)
WriteLogEvent(string.Format(“An Error Occured | Exception Message:{0} StackTrace: {1}”, exception.Message, exception.StackTrace));
return false;

And just using the traditional way of writing errors to the event log:


public void WriteLogEvent(string strmessage)
// Create a new event comLog object
EventLog comLog = new EventLog(“Application”);

// Check whether the event comLog source already exists
if (!EventLog.SourceExists(“test”))
EventLog.CreateEventSource(“test”, “Application”);

// Specify the source for the exception message
comLog.Source = “test”;
// Write the entry to the event comLog




  1. Chris White says:

    Hi Adam,

    I’ve looked into this too at the following article: http://chrissyblanco.blogspot.com/2007/07/determining-whether-user-is-member-of.html

    I looked at doing it your way i.e iterating the Groups collection of the SPUser object, however this didn’t appear to work for the following scenario:

    Say you have a user who is a member of an AD group e.g. ADGroupX. You then add ADGroupX to a SharePoint group (SPGroup), say SharePointGroupY.

    If you iterate the Groups collection of the SPUser object for the user who is a member of ADGroupX then SharePointGroupY is not one of the SPUser.Groups . . .

    Have you seen this issue too ?!

    Many thanks,


  2. Rob says:

    Just had to say thanks. This is a concise solution to a problem I was fighting against.

  3. santosh says:

    i want to check the selected user’s group how would i??(i have a list of users in a dropdown)

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