The Biggest Mistake In TFS History…

Was not merging the germane updates by default for both the client and server bits. The fact that to support SQL Server 2008 (isn’t it almost 2009 FFS?) you have to currently do an extraction and slipstream with the service pack, which to even figure out through astonishingly cryptic errors is a challenge in itself, is ridiculous. The fact that the Team Explorer update is included in the VS.NET 2008 SP1 as opposed to being rolled into the TE download bits is even more outlandish. It is time consuming when you have already applied the client service packs, and prone to errors when doing retractions and updates.

I can’t imagine that it is difficult to provide the bits as such, unless I am missing something. I am very, very disappointed that this is the current state of TFS.

It makes me a sad panda (for you South Park fans)