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Where Are You Mr. System.Web.UI.Design?

I was developing a custom web control that I planned on consuming in a WebPart, and I had some control properties that required a reference to an image. So I had:

  1. [Editor(typeof(ImageUrlEditor), typeof(UITypeEditor))]

in my property decorations.

Well, using the ImageUrlEditor class in order to prompt a UI for selecting an image requires a reference to System.Web.UI.Design. I add my using construct, but low and behold compilation errors are flying because I am missing a reference. A reference to what? What the? I have the System.Web assembly referenced!

One would think that Microsoft would have put System.Web.UI.Design in, ohhhh, I don’t know, the System.Web assembly reference? That reference hierarchy sorta makes sense to me.

But, instead it is System.Design.




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