Where Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.dll Is

I had this come up with a developer at a client that was trying to build some administrative tooling for their internal development environment. After looking all through the SharePoint environment, I found it actually doesn’t exist anywhere besides the GAC by default. If you need to export it, you can just open a command prompt, navigate to c:\windows\assembly\gac, go into the GAC_64 directory, open the directory for the PowerShell assembly, then run a copy command to your desired directory.



  1. Trevor Barry says:

    It’s in the GAC on every SharePoint 2010 server I’ve looked at.

  2. Trevor Barry says:

    Doh! Stupid LinkedIn partial posts…

  3. adam says:


  4. helen says:

    Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell does this file exist in WSS 3.0 also? I am unable to run any cmdlets realted to WSS 3.0 that are mention here http://www.ekhichdi.com/e/PowerShell-cmdlets-SharePoint-2010.-11.html


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