SimpleSecurity SharePoint WebPart for Easing SharePoint Security

One of the most advantageous features of SharePoint is the capacity to empower users, allowing greater generation of propositional knowledge, alleviating several IT support requirements, etc. However, empowering users with content and communication control unsurprisingly incorporates maintenance of security attributes associated with content and that contents storage instruments.

This came up at a client I was at, where they really, really wanted an extraordinarily unpretentious way to both show a exceedingly simple summary of existing site security, supplemented with only the most basic actions. So trying to keep the amount of controls being used in the WebPart under 6, we incorporated four fundamental event bound controls, and two dedicated to displaying information. So we could have context when discussing the product, we called it SimpleSecurity for reasons that don’t require explanation.

So, keeping the WebPart as nominal as possible, the below illustrates the process:


It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the gist of it is the WebPart sits somewhere on the site since it is going to use the current web context. When the user first adds the WebPrart to the page, if the required security groups don’t exist, they are created by the WebPart. Default grouping conventions being limited in SharePoint imply that abstracting this layer was desirable. Once existing, they are added into two list box controls that display the users available for actions, and the users that already have had actions applied to them. Using a simple movement process between those list boxes, the represented actions are executed.

I guess it’s kinda easier to show in screen shots, so here are some really simple examples:

In The Gallery


Adding the SimpleSecurity WebPart to the Page


Auto-Creating the Required Groups


Groups Created, Start Doing Stuff


Adding a Reader, Contributor, and Administrator


Download the WSP here. All the images etc. are all bundled into the cabinet as well.

Happy Labor Day!