SharePoint SafeGuard


To provide a lightweight utility that will secure a SharePoint server at the portable media level to prevent unauthorized data copying and malicious content insertion. Read this security focus article on new USB threats (specifically regarding a credit union).


  • SharePoint Server Administrators
  • Server Custodians
  • Systems Administrators

Available Downloads

 Download SharePoint SafeGuard РNormal Installation

 Download SharePoint SafeGuard РSilent Installation

Application Overview

It is important when protecting your SharePoint environment to ensure that you harden your server at all tiers of data copying and injection. This involves securing sections of your server which can accept other types of media besides providing access over a network. The most common portable media storage types that you are going to find available on typical servers running SharePoint:

  • CD/DVD Tray
  • USB Device
  • Floppy Drive

There might be other media, tape drives or possibly zip units, however the utility is fairly general.

Using the SharePoint SafeGuard is important on your SharePoint servers since it will prevent both information loss / unauthorized copying and can prevent injections of malicious activity on your server. Using the SharePoint SafeGuard will ensure that users are denied copying access for SharePoint files (most importantly .stp’s etc. since they are often bundled with content) for content directly on the server, and will deny malicious content transfer from portable media.

Using this tool requires installing a windows service as well. Once you run the installation package, you can execute this command to make your service appear in the services.msc MCC snap-in.

  1. Select Start
  2. Choose Run
  3. Enter the following command: C\:Program Files\ARB Security Solutions\SharePoint SafeGuard\SafeGuardService.exe /INSTALL

The primary application interface is fairly small, with three options. You can guard the three most typical drives found on SharePoint servers, or unguard ones that are currently guarded.

After you guard a portable media type, it will prompt you to let you know of your selection, and the radio button control will replace.

After you take off guarding, a very similar form will prompt confirming you of your selection and showing successful interaction with the SafeGuard service.