Executing (Multiple) Target Injection in TFS

It seems I am never going to be rid of finishing these automating events! One problem that we tackled today dealt with TFS target injection, where you want to call other targets at different points in the build process. An example of this is when you want to wire a target before/after something like SolutionToBuild and ConfigurationToBuild, perhaps to do a little work before the build starts. In this case, the build was chained to **another** build to do a get on a separate VC instance, and build a related solution beforehand. There was also some WIT stuff to be done too.

Fortunately, TFS Build makes this pretty easy through the use of the Before* or After* targets (which are easily grafted from Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets), most you will ever need are existing but if you need a different one you can use a CallTarget with a MSBuild task. This can get even cooler, because you can actually start to build chained dependencies through something like:



Pretty neat!