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Working with SharePoint Artifacts and Team Build, Copy without Compile

When using Team Build with SharePoint items, there are going to be times in build events where you want to take any number of SharePoint artifacts and configure them to copy in your build events to a separate TFS instance. This is extremely common in geographically disperse development environments where there are no full-fidelity migration schemes defined, and can even be useful

Sort of like a synchronization of artifacts. In order to do this, you have to do a couple things, first use the following command to build a destination workspace for your SharePoint artifacts:

  1. <CreateWorkspaceTask
  2.          TeamFoundationServerUrl="$(TeamFoundationServerUrl)"
  3.          BuildUri="$(BuildUri)"
  4.          BuildDirectory="$(BuildDirectory)"
  5.          SourcesDirectory="$(SolutionRoot)"
  6.          Name="$(WorkspaceName)"
  7.          Comment="$(CreateWorkspaceTaskComment)">
  8.       <Output TaskParameter="Name" PropertyName="WorkspaceName" />
  9.       <Output TaskParameter="Owner" PropertyName="WorkspaceOwner" />
  10.     </CreateWorkspaceTask>

Then build out a “Get” Task to get the source.

  1. <Get TeamFoundationServerUrl="$(TeamFoundationServerUrl)"
  2.         BuildUri="$(BuildUri)"
  3.         Workspace="$(WorkspaceName)"
  4.         Version="$(GetVersion)"
  5.         Filespec="$(GetFilespec)"
  6.         PopulateOutput="$(GetPopulateOutput)"
  7.         Overwrite="$(GetOverwrite)"
  8.         Preview="$(PreviewGet)"
  9.         Recursive="$(RecursiveGet)"
  10.         Force="$(ForceGet)">
  11.       <Output TaskParameter="Gets" ItemName="Gets" />
  12.       <Output TaskParameter="Replaces" ItemName="Replaces" />
  13.       <Output TaskParameter="Deletes" ItemName="Deletes" />
  14.       <Output TaskParameter="Warnings" ItemName="GetWarnings" />
  15.     </Get>

And you’re done!


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