Things I Can’t Live Without

Well, I have been looped into the chain tag by Joel Oleson going around in regards to things I wouldn’t want to live without. This is going to be kind of tough, I am a pretty simple person (as most people know), and even less caring about technology. Hmmm… this is going to take a little bit of thinking, and most of these probably aren’t going to be even about technology, but I will try to start with that at least, and see what dumps out of my head.

1) VI / Vim 7 / MonoDevelop – I can’t live without this editor, since I came from a UNIX background, I am just used to it. It might not have all the bells and whistles of Visual Studio, but I really like it when starting off a new project. I also do a lot of development against the Mono framework, so I tend to use the MonoDevelop environment, or a combination of the two. For business deliverables I often use VS.NET because they expect me to deliver a project file for internal developersto use, however, I often start just playing around with the wire framework of the application in VI and just bring it over to Windows from SuSE.

2) QSetup Installation Suite – Building setup projects to me is bleeding boring. I want to hang myself about half way through it, and it is something that I am just plain inefficent at, and generally I find the integrated tools lacking. Qsetup I like a lot because it is simple to use, has a ton of features, and takes what I would normally slit my wrists about half way through away. I use it to build all my SharePoint Solution deployment packages, since it is so easy to add the required commands through the interface.

3) FXCop – What can I say, we have a love / hate relationship with eachother. Nuff said.

4) Glock 34 – It’s my conceal and carry weapon, and easily the favorites pistol that I own. I code by it, sleep by it, and feel lonely when it is not in the small of my back. I carry it everywhere, and rarely carry any other pistol out of the house that I own.

5) RhinoMocks – I love RhinoMocks, I really wasn’t that familiar with using mock objects for my SharePoint development, however now I can’t imagine not using them. I looked through several mock object frameworks, played with pretty much all of them, and RhinoMocks was definitely my favorite. I like being able to just start a mock repository by just doing a MockRepository repository = new MockRepository().

6) My Peanut – Lisa, she is my peanut, and if it wasn’t for her I would be sitting in some random gutter smoking crack. She means everything to me, and I would gladly lay in traffic, then take a bat to the back for her. I can’t imagine living without her, and I am excited to marry her.

Um, thats about it I guess. Mine is a lot shorter than everyone else’s, oh well.