ALL links are fixed!

This hosting company is going to be the death of me. I swear to god. For some reason my .htaccess file got trashed, basically blanked, which obviously wasn’t super good for my Apache rewrite rules that I had setup for the site. AH! But, fortunatly, I sat down tonight and fixed it, and all the links to all the articles, software, etc. on are now fixed. Thank frickin god. To be honest I am just more relieved still that the site still exists. When I pulled it up on Sunday and the entire thing was gone, I about crapped my pants.

The really bad part about this particular snafu was even my, albiet really old, backup was bad and didn’t have the correct rewrite rules in place. I ultimately wanted to shift the rewrites to the httpd.conf file, but my hosting company (whom to be honest, until this point I have had a great experience with) obviously doesn’t allow me that level of access. Anyways, I just had to add these lines:


#The Main Content Article Rewrite Rules
RewriteRule ^content-([1-9][0-9]*).html modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=$1
RewriteRule ^content-cat-([1-9][0-9]*).html modules.php?name=Content&pa=list_pages_categories&cid=$1


And I was back in business.

Sorry if you visited the site recently and it was burned out, it wasn’t my fault. Blame spammers. Because the suck. And are bad people.