CAT Technology Drama Mama

Ok, honestly, I know I can filter these out in Outlook, or could add the domain with Spam Assassin on my relay server, but the fact of the matter is from legit, United States based firms, I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. Yeah, I am wasting more time writing these back then the 5 seconds it would take to do either of the above two options, however I was under the impression that there were some federal laws in place to protect me from this kind of crap, soooo….

—– Begin Email—–

Info At CAT Technology / CAT America:

I have asked, on several occasions, through your recruiters to please be removed from your database, and to not receive subsequent email from you. These occasions have now hit the double digits, and have increased in frequency. I have complied with your directions fully by placing the string “REMOVE” in the subject line, however you have continually ignored my wishes, and continually have spammed my personal mail server.

While I am admittedly not a lawyer, I do know that I am afforded some protection from Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE) from businesses that reside in the United States through the Anti-Spam Act of 2003 (H.R. 2515) [SEC. 2, ARTICLE 6], as you are clearly not respecting the opt-out mechanism.

I am simply requesting that you put this email address, immediately, in whatever blacklist that will not send email here, in place. The request is simple, and one that should be respected by your recruiters ( since it is protection that is afforded to me through US law.

—– End Email—–

20 bucks, I get more recruitment letters from them now since now they know its a live email account