Cleaning Up

I am going through and cleaning up the main website, I have this problem of half writing articles, and just leaving them within the nuke content module and just moving onto something else when I get bored. As well, I have some formatting stuff on some of the articles that was pretty poor, it doesn’t parse right due to the mod_rewrite / .htaccess configuration on the server.

I also FINALLY finished the parsing code for the RSS 2.0 feed for the main site, which for some reason was terrible tradgedy to actually get going.

I was just fetching the rows:


$result = $db->sql_query(“SELECT text, pid, title, date FROM ‘.$user_prefix.’_pages WHERE active=1 ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT ‘.$rssFeedLimit”);

while ($row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result)) {
$rsid = intval($row[‘pid’]);
$title = $row[‘title’];
$text = $row[‘text’];
$time = $row[‘date’];


and then echoing out the results:


echo “\n”;
echo “\n”;
echo ” [blah]\n”;
echo “”.$text.”>\n”;
echo “”.$rsid.”@”.$nukeurl.”\n”;
echo “”.$title.”\n”;
echo “”.$date.”\n”;
echo “Posted by “.$adminmail.”\n”;
echo “\n\n”;[/php]and it wasen’t working. Why? I had screwed up setting some of the strings. Either way I got it done, and the RSS links are now available in the upper left hand corner of the main site as well as on this site to the right.