Driving To Orlando Sucks

I just finished driving to Orlando, and my god, it was easily the most boring drive I have ever been involved in (beating out times I have driven through New Mexico in the middle of the night, and some of the Midwest). I don’t think I ever want to make that drive again, for any reason. Besides being dull as hell, I-10 and highway 75 are just littered with cops checking for speeders. From what I could tell though, they only pull people over that have out-of-state plates :-)

Anyways, I have finally made it TechED. I missed registration today though. Whoops. I think I can still do it tomorrow, we will have to see the extent I get yelled for missing orientation though. I am staying with some friends in North Orlando right now that I went to undergrad with, we are making preparations for a long night of boozin. The condo that they got is pretty sweet though, and has a nice view of part of the downtown area.

Anyways, if you ever have to make the drive from Eglin AFB to Orlando, take a plane.